English assignment about Rwanda

1.      The history of art in Rwanda.
  There was a big genocide in 1994 in Rwanda where a lot of men were killed. Their women became widows. Rwanda is a very poor country because of soil. Therefore a lot of people have to work with art and crafts. These arts are mostly made by those widowed women.

2.     The traditional art forms in Rwanda
  Traditional handicrafts that are produced Rwanda are ceramics, weaving or basketry, pottery, to traditional wood carvings and contemporary paintings


Weaving or Basket Making.

Pottery and Ceramics :

Rwandan Painting :

Rwandan handicrafts and wood art:

1.     Materialls and patterns in basketry.

There are basically 3 materials used for making baskets. Sisal Fiber, Banana Fiber and some herbs.
 Like you can see in the pictures here:

Each basket is hand-crafted from sisal and consists of literally hundreds of stitches. Are all of those have circels. They are many different patterns on baskets. But usually they are making that checkered pattern that  you can see on the first and the third picture.

On that practical part of assignmant i drawed a iphone-covers. 

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